Something wicked this way comes! Sometimes it seems like all of the evil forces in the world are coming at you full blast. You know it—you recognize it—you see the darkness all around you. It’s all you can do to fall on your knees and beg for the turmoil to end. But, what if evil took a different approach? One not so easily recognized because it is masked—it is subtle—maybe even beautiful. What if evil looked like something shiny, new and wonderful? Not a monster—but a hero. What if darkness cloaked itself in light?

The point is sometimes the wicked things in this world don’t look like monsters at all. They are not misshapen, ugly, or dripping with blood and slime. Sometimes they are beautiful, captivating, and oh so very tempting. Demons are not always as they appear in storybooks, television or movies. Evil is designed to entice and sway us—getting us hooked before we realize it. Of course, as a human being, you can easily make the mistake of following the sparkly and flashy light instead of the true and pure light. All demons are different, but they are similar in one very important way—they trick us with their beauty, the pleasure they promise, the rewards they give. They look unbelievably great! You trust them because you trust your eyes instead of your heart.

We make a point to heavily incorporate this idea into our story. First of all, we want you to show you that things are not always as they seem. We can be so easily tricked by the appearance of someone or something that we don’t realize they are hurting or taking advantage of us. It comes to us quietly, with a smiling face, and it doesn’t move in for the kill until we’re absolutely blinded by what we think you see.

Second, we want to warn you. Approach things through the eyes of your heart instead of the eyes of your physical body. God will speak to your heart and direct your path if you will choose to listen. That is not to say that you will not encounter beautiful demons, but when you do, use the discernment God has given you to deal with them. You have incredible power and incredible intuition, if you will only choose to use it.

– Susan Alford