“The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” Romans 11:29

Irrevocable. This means the gifts and abilities God gives us He doesn’t take back. God doesn’t accept returns on what He has so generously given. Our gifts won’t be recalled, repealed, or annulled. We will always have our gifts. Final.

Quote BlogThat’s completely amazing and overwhelming at the same time! We are a light-bearers, whether we realize it or not. God has given us mighty abilities for a particular purpose—His purpose. God has gifted each of us with supernatural power to penetrate the darkness in this world and bring life and light to those around us. We are the Sorcha.

Each one of us has a purpose and our gifts were given according to that purpose. But many of us don’t realize it yet. If only.

When we don’t have an accurate understanding of who and what we are (our identity), we either strive to be like someone else or something we’re not. We compare ourselves to others and feel as though we always fall short. When we don’t become who we think we’re supposed to be, it makes us critical of ourselves and our lives. We are miserable and we have no idea why.

We have the wrong focus and it can cause us to be insecure, oversensitive, judgmental, frustrated, and unfulfilled. We become self-absorbed, constantly having to think about ourselves and what we should be. It may even force us to try too hard to make life happen the way we think it is supposed to. In the extreme, it makes us tell lies about ourselves and become dishonest about who we really are.

Think about it. When you are around people who don’t have any idea of what they are called to do, you sense their unrest, lack of fulfillment, their anxiety, and lack of peace. God doesn’t want that for you or me. He wants us to have a clear vision for our lives. He wants to reveal to us our gifts. He wants to show us how to best develop them. He wants us to use them for His kingdom. He wants us to be bright lights in a world of darkness. He wants us to be only just who He created us to be.

– Susan Alford