You might be wondering how the story of the Sorcha was born. It’s a pretty interesting tale—here’s how it all began.Book Sample

The three of us grew up listening to stories told by our grandparents about real-life encounters with angels and demons. We have always been fascinated by the supernatural. We believe events in the real world are influenced and impacted by those in the supernatural world and vice versa. Growing up we were fan girls—reading books and watching movies about superheroes, knights, Jedi, elves and hobbits and even Mr. Darcy. But, we are and always have been Bible girls! I mean who doesn’t love a good Bible story? We loved them for their depictions of heroic deeds, war and romance, unbelievable challenges and miraculous events. The Bible is an epic adventure—life as a believer is no less epic today!

Some time ago, Lesley came to me so excited she could hardly contain it. We immediately called Candy. And although it might sound cheesy or even cliché, Lesley “had a dream.” In her dream, Lesley saw two young people, a girl and a boy. She knew they were twins. The kids were in the woods—It was very dark. She sensed the kids were in some kind of trouble. Forming a circle around the kids were magnificent angels. Outside the circle of angels were what appeared to be demons, dark angels—evil itself. The dark was trying to extinguish the light but they could not. When Lesley woke up from the dream, she knew it was meant to be shared with others. She also knew that the three of us, sisters, were meant to tell it—together.

I was the writer. In fact, I wrote my first novel in fifth grade. I am an academic so I was nervous about diving into fantasy fiction. But, I was willing to try. I love the written word—Its meanings and inflections, its beauty and guise; its characters and plotlines, and even the occasional romantic moment. With words, the writer can connect to, communicate with, and create a world for the reader.

Candy is the artist. She loves to sketch, paint and create. She has been a graphic artist but never a book illustrator, so she was nervous as well. Her illustrations have brought our wonderful characters to life. She has visually created the world of the Sorcha through her mixed-media art.

And Lesley, well she’s the creative force. She is the vision-caster and co-author—full of ideas, stories, and possibilities. She is a true fantasy fan. So for her, the world of the Sorcha is very real indeed. Her dream has become reality!

Many long days and nights later, emails back and forth, quick getaways to create, process, write and draw, and lots and lots of Coke for me, coffee for Candy and anything that’s diet for Lesley, the Sorcha was born.

At the heart of the Sorcha, is this idea—we are all unique—each one of us possesses talents, abilities, and gifts that make us special. Our creator gave us these gifts and He has a purpose for them. The twelve light-bearers who are the Sorcha are incredible young people. But they are different from one another—gender, race, religion, background, past and present, scars and heartache, ability and gift. Powerful on their own but when they combine their gifts they become greater than. The most important thing about bearing a gift is having the courage to use it. We have tried to emulate this very idea in our sister collaboration on the Sorcha book series. Our work is better, richer and more vibrant because we combined our gifts.

– Susan Alford