Our Story

You might be wondering how the story of the Sorcha was born. It’s a pretty interesting tale—here’s how it all began.The three of us grew up listening to stories told by our grandparents about real-life encounters with angels and demons. We have always been fascinated by the supernatural. We believe events in the real world are influenced and impacted by those in the supernatural world and vice versa. Growing up we were fan girls—reading books and watching movies about superheroes, knights, Jedi, elves and hobbits and even Mr. Darcy. But, we are and always have been Bible girls! I mean who doesn’t love a good Bible story? We loved them for their depictions of heroic deeds, war and romance, unbelievable challenges and miraculous events. The Bible is an epic adventure—life as a believer is no less epic today!


Susan Alford is a published author, popular speaker and lover of the written word. Her writing career began with her first story penned in the 5th grade. She is a psychology professor at Lee University and lives in Cleveland, Tennessee with her husband and two daughters.


Lesley Smith is an author, accomplished producer/singer and pastor’s wife. When she is not engaged in serving people through music and ministry, she is immersed in being a wife and mother of two in Atlanta, Georgia.


Candace Alford is a freelance artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. Always interested in the arts, she has enjoyed a musical career but her passion is creating visual art. She is passionate about being an advocate for her son and raising awareness for those who have autism.