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Welcome to the world of The Sorcha Books!

Welcome to the world of The Sorcha Books–an Amazon bestselling young adult Christian fantasy fiction series about spiritual gifts, warfare and the power of the Light that lives within us!
Twelve strangers who possess extraordinary supernatural gifts must unite the power of the Light within them if they are to defeat the demonic forces threatening to destroy the world. Lucas and Lily Quinn are part of an ancient league of twelve Light-bearers called the Sorcha. Each Lightbearer possesses a powerful gift. All twelve gifts combined will create a force so great no demon army can withstand it.Every generation has seen a group of twelve, but never have they been able to find one another and unite their powers until now.
Descendants from the twelve disciples of Christ, the Light-bearers must find one another and discover the secret to wielding their great power. The secret is contained in an ancient book, written by a member of the first generation of Sorcha. The book was lost centuries ago as a result of a series of mysterious events. As the series unfolds, the Sorcha will discover the incredible power and formidable purpose of their gifts and the Light within them as they wage war against an army of demons, known as Scáths. But do not fear! The Sorcha are not alone in their fight. The mighty Dìonadain, warrior angels, guard and defend them.
Volume One: Awaken

Volume One: Awaken 

The story begins one winter’s morning in the desolate woods. Ten-year old Lucas and Lily Quinn’s world is turned upside down as they watches their father’s murder at the hands of beautiful, yet frightening creatures. Lucas is overwhelmed when he realizes he can see the supernatural world: angels and demons. As Lucas runs for his life, a fierce warrior angel rescues him. And so the adventure begins.
Now grown, eighteen-year old Lucas and his twin sister Lily discover they are a part of a special group of twelve young people—Lightbearers—the Sorcha. After the murder of their father and a life spent on the run, they are now desperate to find the other Light-bearers and awaken the Light within them all.
Will the Sorcha awaken? Will they find one another? Will they discover the secret to the great power of the Light?


Volume Two: Unite

Volume Two: Unite 

In Volume 2 of The Sorcha Books series, we join Lucas and Lily Quinn as they continue their thrilling journey. Stronger and wiser than the young siblings who first discovered their true identity in Volume 1: Awaken, the Quinn siblings still have much to learn about their gifts and their purpose. Betrayed by Aiden Talbot and his family, they now know the darkness is all around them even in those they once counted as their friends. They both struggle to come to terms with this new reality.
Meanwhile, the search for the remaining Light-bearers continues. The Sorcha must unite the power of their supernatural gifts if they are to defeat the darkness. Only when all twelve unite their gifts will they be able to find the ancient book that holds the secret to defeating the demon army. But, time is running out. An evil darkness is advancing and gaining ground. Helping them in their fight, a legion of warrior angels guard and guide them.
Will Lucas and Lily find the others in time? Will they discover the ancient book with the key to defeating the demon army? Will the Sorcha unite before the demons seeking their lives find them?